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Cardboard Castles.
Come on in!
nothing better than Marvin Gaye's "lets get it on" to remind you of stuff.

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Im happy.

Also who has Mushroom fears anyways?
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Bird one of six is dead.
Got dumped.
I still have to deal with my mom coping with my dad's death until wednesday.


What a fucking great day.
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how I see the world when I am sick.
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ok. You couldn't have caught me at a worst time. I'm constantly running around, and now this shit happens. Better start fixing shit up again.
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my hemroids returned. This time its personal.

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I got asked on a date today.

he he he.

in other news, its fucking COLD outside.
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Someone shoot me please.

I feel stuck friends. holidays have been pretty damn awful these past two years, but at least they are holding up.
right now I am stuck in Puerto Rico, waiting to break out of here, like a prisoner waiting to break out of jail.

I understand that this sounds mellow dramatic, but hey, this may be the only place to publish this crap.

See you all soon after I get back from Germany which brings some joy to my life right now.

Peace all, and tell me about your awesome parties, I want to hear!
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